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Mim-Pi's winter 2016 collection with a new
twist in its own colors

The Mim-Pi collection for winter 2016 has a special group: black and white. We spotted this trend everywhere we looked; in interiors, magazines, on postcards and even led displays! So Mim-Pi took the challenge of making a black and white collection for girls which is fun and fashionable. And we did it!!! Mim-Pi has a hip, sweet, black and white collection, with funky pussycats, playful polka dots and stripes, in soft, comfortable and easy to wear fabrics.


Exploring the world with

eyes wide open

Mim-Pi collections are not created in one day. Nor in one week. Not even in one month! Designer Miss Mim-Pi travels, and she travels a lot. The things she sees and experience stay with her. From Melbourne to Bali via Ibiza or India. The inspiration can come from anywhere – a button, a postcard, even a ribbon. And so the unique designs, colors and shapes take birth in her mind, to create the hip and sweet clothes for girls.


Hip and sweet

With great pride, Mim-Pi presents winter 2016 collection. Besides the black and white line, you will also find cute retro dolls printed digitally on t-shirts and dresses, a sporty collection with lots of stripes and dots, and pretty printed flower styles which you can mix and match.

We of course have our fabulous winter jackets (6 models this winter!) which every year are sold out as early as august in the middle of the summer. They are a favorite with the mothers and the girls because of the unique prints, styling and functional waterproofing. They have funky ribs which prevents the wind from going in and protects the child from the harsh winter. Inside, in the lining there is a big pocket which the girls love as they can put their gloves and hat in it and not loose them when they go to school.




When I finished my administrative assistant degree, I decided to travel instead of putting on a business suit in a nine to five job. I craved something exotic and backpacked through Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia for three months. Not the type to lie on a beach, I explored the back roads and markets. I discovered gorgeous jewellery and fashion that did not cost much. I got inspired by the beautiful designs and colours, and my slumbering flair for business kicked into high gear. Back in The Netherlands I unwrapped the 6,000 pairs of earrings that I purchased in Bali. I was as stunned as anyone when I sold the bulk of them for a profit. My travel bug not yet fulfilled, I used the money to travel some more. This is what I call my first “business trip''. I went for the purpose of getting to know certain fabric outlets and small factories where beautiful embroideries were made. I came back with a lot of contacts and knowledge. From here, things developed really fast. Before I knew it I had three stores, selling women's fashion. The first time I started thinking about my own kids' line was when I had my daughter. The bulk of girls' fashion out there were mini-versions of what adults wear. A shame, because kids already grow up so fast! I want young girls to be able to wear funky, fun and whimsical clothes that they love.'





We want to make people aware of the fact that it is possible - producing sustainable clothing. MIM-PI is an honest brand. Deep down, everybody knows that a 15-euro dress can hardly be made in a sustainable way. For that price, the environment likely was compromised and people were exploited. By supporting brands such as MIM-PI, you make a statement: you don’t approve of these kinds of practices. The extra money you spend on a beautiful dress ensures that brands like us can continue our ecological and sustainable production process. And that feels great! We work with garment factories and clothing manufacturers that offer good working conditions. Our logic is: what goes around comes around. We have worked with the same suppliers in India and Portugal for over twelve years. Factory workers receive a good wage. We put our trust in them, and vice versa. We visit the factories more than once a year to make sure the working conditions remain optimal and the people are happy. MIM-PI clothing doesn’t roll off a conveyor belt. It is handmade. Every item has handmade details and hand-knit designs, lovingly made by people with talent, not by machines.





'Inspiration for our collections comes from everything and anything; the circus, gypsies, Bambi or retro. When an image or idea sticks with us, we go with it. We flip through magazines, search the web endlessly and collect all kinds of objects that catch our eye. From postcards to ribbons to antique jewellery. One of our mantras is 'the eye needs to travel' and we mean this in the broadest sense possible. The eye needs to travel to foreign countries, but it also needs to be able to shift perspective and see the unexpected.'




'We are designs junkies! Not in the sense of 'high design', but in the sense that it is important to be original. The same goes for our clothing line. We like to be a little ahead of the trends. That is why we look at Harajuku girls and why some items in our line, have an edge. It is important to make statements with clothing, we also don't shy away from corky or funky.You know, every girl – big or small – has days that feel like dress-up days and days that call for comfortable baggy pants and a stretchy T-shirt. It is however essential, that a girl still looks pretty in those baggy pants. The answer is  great, fun and feminine comfort wear.




'Our mantra is:

'Smile and the world will smile with you.'

Miss Mim-Pi passionately lives by this. She is naturally a happy person and a do-er. Some people think that Miss Mim-Pi personality is why she succeeds; She is like a Duracell bunny. The mantra also translates in doing the right thing when it comes to outsourcing aspects of creating a collection. No sweat shops and underage workers in our company!'



  The place where we work is a dream!
  We have a gorgeous studio and we love the vibe.
So Mim-pi.
We work at an extra-large table that gives me room to spread out mood boards, designs and fabrics. We look out on the woods and sometimes we can even smell the ocean air. Our 'boardroom' is a little garden tea house where meetings can go long into the evening because there is a cozy fire place to keep the space warm.


'In our industry a lot of shady business goes on behind the scenes. We want no part in that. We want to run a clean business with well-made, honest clothes and we want to be a good employer. Not only to our team here, but also to our workers abroad. This is why we became a member of Made-By, an organisation that ensures good working conditions for workers abroad. We value our employees here as much as we value mour employees in India. Since we spend so much time in India we feel connected to the people. Years ago we started giving away Barbie dolls to street kids. Now Miss Mim-Pi always travels with an extra suitcase full of Barbie dolls and she find new owners for each Barbie doll in India.'


'Miss Mim-Pi travels for work. To India. Twice a year. She loves traveling, for work or for pleasure. She moved to a place that feeds my travel gene. She lives in the middle of nature, surrounded by trees, close to the ocean. She deosn't have to try hard to imagine that she is in Australia or Canada. Her backyard truly feels like a holiday destination.'



 'I strive to make each collection better than the last. I strive to be original and  inventive in each season. I like to become a brand with a credo, with clear  principles and values. I also hope to grow bigger. I would like to sell Mim-pi in  many more countries in the future.'      




'Miss Mim-Pi has two kids, a boy and a girl. Often people ask her if she will ever design a boy's line. And the answer is “probably not”. She tried it once, but it is not her thing. She learned that boys like 'plain' and 'subtle' and she seems incapable of that. Miss Mim-Pi likes to be loud and fun with lots of frills. A second question that people often ask her is what she would like my kids to be when they grow up. She wants them to travel to off-the-beaten-track places, she wants them to buy one of those retro Citroën vans and turn it into a food truck. She wants them to explore the possibilities that life has to offer and figure out what their talent is. If she learned one thing, it's that her travels made her into a more open-minded person, but also more humble and less self-centered. She often reminds myself: there is a big world out there.'



'It is important to take time out of my busy schedule as a juggling mom, designer and business woman to unwind and connect with who I am. This winter I am doing so by visiting my best friend in Australia. Just me and her, no kids, no husbands, no work.
I can't wait!'



HOLI &mdash The festival of colors celebrated in India in the month of March. After the cold grey winter months this festival brings in the spring with all the bright colors. People throw colored powder in blue, pink, red, yellow and all the other colors of spring. There is festivity in the air and every street is filled with music and people dance on the streets. MIM-PI is inspired by the colors of HOLI.

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